How can my Business get involved?

Support from the business world is critical to us reaching more people who are in need of clean water!
We realize every business is a bit different and goals will vary from one to another. Here are some ways your business can get involved to help:
  • We have a Corporate Sponsor Program that offers various giving levels starting at $12,000 and up
  • You can give personally or as a group of individuals (i.e., as an internal corporate group, with no public promotion)
  • You can become a member and give a donation monthly 
  • Start a Cause Marketing campaign 
We also offer grass-roots campaign pages where you can tell your business' story of why you are fundraising, and why giving to clean water has such a great impact on people's lives.
Your campaign page can be posted via social media sites like Twitter, and can be posted on your company website. 
Check out these past campaigns done by groups of employees at non-Corporate Supporter businesses.  
Inviting your customers to join your campaign is a great way to increase your donation amount and raise awareness together!
There are some other guidelines to be aware of when you give as a business: 
Your campaign or donations cannot give the appearance of creating an endorsement, approval, sponsorship, partnership, affiliation or recommendation of any product or service by The Water Project, Inc.  And when you use The Water Project name, it may be used only to describe where donated funds are designated, but may not be used to promote any product or service (ex., our name may not be placed on any product or product packaging.)
If you place The Water Project name on your website it must be accompanied by a statement about the nature of your support (as an example, an intracompany group might say something like, "Our Marketing department picked their annual charity as The Water Project and will be raising money from various fundraising events over the holiday this year"; or if you are running a cause marketing campaign, "We are proud supporters of").
The use of The Water Project logo is for approved Corporate Support programs only. But we have other great images you can use to share that you are supporting The Water Project and helping communities in need of clean water. 
That's a lot of information, and we know that every business has its unique goals in how they want to get involved. If you have further questions or would like to become a Corporate Sponsor, please send us an email. We're here to help you get connected to your passion to help people get clean water.
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