My company wants to give a % of our sales

Your business can provide so much more than a product or service. You can give hope.


By donating to The Water Project, you will join a powerful force of caring people who want to help others get access to clean safe water. Water. Every. Day.


It's easy to start a cause marketing giving campaign and start making an impact through your giving. The easiest way to get started, particularly for new businesses, is to simply decide the amount you want to give, and then share with your customers that you are passionate about clean water and give in support of The Water Project!


For businesses who want to give a percentage or amount from their sales of products or services over a period of time, a charitable co-venture agreement may be needed. This document outlines the terms and responsibilities of both the business and The Water Project and is required by various states' departments of revenue. There's more paperwork involved and record-keeping for you as a business, but in the end, your donations will help get clean water to those in need! Email us if this is something you're interested in.


And let us know you are getting involved! We want to celebrate with you the impact you will be making through your giving!


Whether giving a general donation or something related to the sale of your product or service, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Transparency  - Clearly state to your customers what and how you are supporting The Water Project.  And keep records of how those sales are translating to donations!
  • Your promotion  - It cannot give the appearance of creating an endorsement, approval, or recommendation of any product or service by The Water Project, Inc.  The use of The Water Project name may be used only to describe where donated funds are designated. The Water Project name or mark may not be placed on any product or product packaging.
  • Indemnification - Businesses, organizations or individuals that elect to use The Water Project name or website domain as part of a cause marketing initiative or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify The Water Project against any claims arising from these efforts.
  • Media Kit - Our media kit is available online and contains our Proud Supporter logo, logo use policy, and images that can be used as part of your cause marketing. In your promotions, please include a statement "Proud to support".
  • Social Media - We value your contribution and support for clean water, however, requests for The Water Project to promote products and services can not be considered. 
  • Making donations - Your donations can be made easily online at, or by check to The Water Project, PO Box 3353, Concord, NH 03302-3353.  Please reference that the donations are from your cause marketing initiative and the timeframe represented by the contribution.

Thanks for wanting to give back from your business!

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