Can I Travel to help build a well?

We acknowledge that the idea of helping to construct a water project is a noble one, it is not always practical or effective toward the goal of bringing clean water to those in need.  Let us explain a bit further ...

Our well projects use only local in-country labor and partners. The work in-the-field provides specialized jobs and employment opportunity for the local population, and ensures that the projects are supported over the long term by cultivating skilled workers among the indigenous population.  Integrating a volunteer team at a project site would require resources that we nor our partners are equipped to provide.  Additionally, many of the well locations are in remote areas that are not conducive to excursion travel.

But a great way to help is to tell others about the need for clean water in developing countries!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and re-post/tweet our posts.  Building awareness might not feel as adventurous as building a well, but it does much good!

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